First Appointment

First Appointment

The initial visit includes a consultation and exam, as well as an adjustment, if it is recommended by the doctor. The first visit averages around 30-45 minutes. New patient intake forms can be printed off online and be completed prior to the appointment. If you would like to fill out the paperwork in our office, we do ask that you arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time to do so.

Parents, please feel free to bring your children with you, we understand that it can be hard to find alternative arrangements.

Here’s what to expect..

1. Dr. Carly will sit down with each new patient and take a thorough health history, address any questions and concerns they may have.

2. Once a thorough history is complete, Dr. Carly will perform a hands on exam.
This exam may include: posture analysis, range of motion testing, orthopedic testing, neurological exam, posture pictures and any other necessary tests needed for the appropriate diagnosis.

 3. Some cases will require Dr. Carly to see spinal x-rays before a diagnosis and treatment plan can be made.

 4. Once Dr. Carly has completed a thorough health history and exam, she will then sit down with  each patient to discuss her chiropractic findings, discuss treatments options and answer any questions the patient may have prior to treatment.

We do recommend calling with any questions or concerns you may have prior to your visit.

Motor Vehicle Accidents: MPI

Mommy & Me Family Chiropractic accepts AUTOPAC claims.
It is the responsibility of the patient to make their own AUTOPAC claim. Once the claim is made, AUTOPAC will give an injury claim number, which is separate from a vehicle claim number. Once you have been given an injury claim number you may make an appointment to see Dr. Carly.
Dr. Carly will be responsible for all paperwork and submission. Once approved, patient care may begin.
Direct billing will go straight to AUTOPAC and the patient will not be responsible for any payments that are given for treatment through their injury claim number.

** All ages may be given an injury claim number if involved in the accident. It is recommended that children also be checked after an accident to prevent future problems to the spine and nervous system.

Work Related Injuries / WCB Claims

Mommy & Me Family Chiropractic accepts work related injuries (WCB). It is the responsibility of the injured employee to make an injury claim with their employer. The employer is then responsible for filling out an Employee Accident Report and then submitting it to WCB.
Dr. Carly is considered a primary care practitioner as long as the worker has not visited a Medical Doctor prior. If the worker has seen a medical doctor, a referral note is required.
Dr. Carly will fill out and submit a chiropractors First Report to WCB outlining the workers injuries. Upon approval from WCB, chiropractic care may begin and will last the time frame WCB has approved.

Adjustment Techniques

 Dr.Carly uses a variety of techniques to meet the needs of all her patients. Her techniques are very specialized to the individual, and is based on age, size, conditions, health history, and patient preference.
There are many techniques learned and used in the chiropractic profession and you may have received completely different chiropractic experiences with regards to specific techniques from one chiropractor to another. The technique of the adjustment can vary but they all have the same goal in mind, to correct for spinal subluxations.

Manual Technique

Manual is a “hands-on” form of adjusting using a high-velocity (quick), low-amplitude (moderately light) thrust from the doctor. The doctor applies a specific contact with their hand to the area of the patient being adjusted and administers a thrust.

Thompson Technique

Thompson is a form of diversified adjusting that utilizes a table consisting of cushions that drop ½” inch when a thrust is administered. With the drops, the patient body is unable to react fast enough to resist the adjustive thrust. Since there is no muscular resistance, the doctor has to use very little force in the thrust, making the adjustment more effective.

Instrument Assisted

There are a few different instruments chiropractors can use to get the same results when it comes to correcting your spine. The instruments are a hand-held tool used to deliver a gentle, fast-thrust, low-force chiropractic adjustment.